April 20, 2008 10:15 PM

Apartment Hunting

Everyone's starting to look for apartments and it's getting really competitive. My potential roommates and I walked all over Berkeley today to look at apartments. We did that last weekend, too.

Advice Check out Craigslist for Apartment showings! The website lists the number of bedrooms, rent, and other features included with the apartment.

Even if it looks good on the website, you really need to go see the apartment itself. My friends and I saw this one on craigslist and it seemed pretty good...

until we actually went to see the place. Remember those horror movies with the haunted mansion? Yep. It was pretty sunny today, but that one building was just wreathed in shadow, literally. Creepy trees shading the entrance, spooky doorway, odd smell...you name it. My roommates and I went in anyways, but it was as horrible inside as it was outside.

The apartments on the North Side are relatively safer and cleaner, but can get a bit pricey. I wish everyone luck with his/her apartment hunting! It's really competitive, so start early! Although there are other apartments that don't get leased until July or August...

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