April 25, 2008 11:16 AM

Being a Transfer Student and Research

Here's my experience with doing research at Cal as a transfer student. I applied to SPUR to find a faculty project. I got the position but I definitely felt at a disadvantage while being interviewed. The first question: What research projects have you worked on at Cal? I'm thinking, well I've only been here for 4 months and they expect me to have a vast list of skills? Yes they do, fortunate for me I had experience doing a research class at DVC (the jc I went to). The next question: Could we get an email address to ask for a letter of recommendation? I'm thinking, in four months I'm expected to be buddy buddy enough with a professor to be asking him/her to take out of their busy schedule to write me a letter or rec? Yes they do. Fortunately for me again, I spent a lot of time in one of my professor’s office hours. The bottom line: If you're going to do research when you get to Berkeley you better spend that first semester doing all you can to boost your resume. Some things you can do: volunteer in a professor’s research and get to know at least one of your professors so you can ask them for a letter of recommendation.

Now that I have my lovely SPUR position, the challenges change. The UC did a study that showed that transfer students work and study more hours a week than freshman admits. This in my experience is true. Trying to squeeze my research into 17.5 units and 15-20 hours a week of work can be challenging and tiring. I definitely think that it's worth the time and effort it takes to do research with a professor because there are so many benefits to it.

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Comments (14)

congrats for the same. but challenge you have accepted is very tough.

Posted by | 2010-01-07

First time I have heard about transfer student.Well I am very happy that you share your experience here.

Posted by jany | 2010-01-07

It's very true. There are very few people in this world who gives such tremendous views. I appreciate your work and hopping for some more informative posts.

Posted by Riva Sharma | 2010-01-08

Hi, Nice work, thanks again for sharing such an informative ideas. I appreciate the information, well thought out and written. Thank you

Posted by Henry Pollock | 2010-01-10

I hate these interview questions where they deliberately try to make u look bad. :/ But im glad that you did good in your interview. -faraz

Posted by Faraz | 2010-01-14

I'm a transfer student to George Washington Univ. in Washington DC. I went there from UC Berkeley. I don't regret it. I like DC a lot. I finished my bachelor's in English and am now working on a master's there in public relations.

Posted by GR | 2010-01-26

Thank you for this useful information.I will share it with my friends.

Posted by Ragil | 2010-01-27

Great to hear of someones achievment. Good on you - I just recieved my bachelor and man is it a good feeling to be finished!

Posted by James | 2010-01-29

Great informations....

Posted by miki | 2010-02-01

This is a great article.I loved reading it and found it interesting

Posted by messigreat29 | 2010-02-04

I am sure the information in this post will help me alot, Thanks for sharing.

Posted by sarahcolin1 | 2010-02-06

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.I have heard about this topic first time...

Posted by Aanya joly | 2010-02-11

I am glad you shared you experience with us here. Thanks.

Posted by Eric James | 2010-02-12

Hi Friends, I have read your article, and was impressed by your style. It is very nice do keep us update.

Posted by kim | 2010-03-11

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