April 26, 2008 1:10 PM


CNR is a great college to be in. The advisors are very supportive, have great answers and resources to any questions that you have, especially during telebears time! Most of my friends who are in Letters and Science are clueless when it comes to scheduling- what classes, which classes are needed to fullfill their major, and such. I mean, ratemyprofessor.com can only help a little in terms of which professors to choose, but it all comes down to what classes you actually need. For instance, since I am a NS/ intended Motox major, I need to take Bio 1A. Most of peers say that Bio 1B is the easier bio so taking that first would be better. However, after going to talk with my advisor, I realized that I can't do that. For Motox and NS majors, in order to take one of the upper div class for spring 2009, Bio 1A is a prerequisite. So, if I had taken Bio 1B for the fall, I would not have been able to be on track towards my major. I am also taking MCB 32. It usually comes with the lab part, but due to the budget cut, there isn't one. One alternative is to take an upper div lab, or just take an upper div physiology class later. However, CNR may waive that requirement later on if MCB 32L is still not available. MAY! Anyway, when you are scheduling, make sure to balance out science classes and other varieties of subjects- english, ac class, social science class,etc. Otherwise, you will definitly feel very stressed during the semester, especially if you are going to have 5 hours of lab for every science class you take.

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