April 5, 2008 11:47 AM

Spring Break

Can you believe that this will be the only break we have until the end of the semester!!?? It's ridiculous. Now, we have 5 more weeks until finals.... time sure does fly. Spring break was fun- I went to San Francisco and it was actually WARM! My friends and I went to City Light Bookstore and it was really cool because we got to read books written by the owner of the bookstore! I never knew I would love poetry so much until I went here. Then, I went to Pier 39 and walked around looking at all the shops there. Oh my gosh!!! There was this cute musical box store that had hand made italian made music boxes that were so lavish and intricate and beautiful!! but everything in it was like 800 to 1000 dollars!!!! It was mental anguish i tell you...:(

Other than that, I spent most of my time studying o-chem, the hardest subject I am taking so far. Though, it is interesting to learn about. How do I manage this stressful time? I find that utilizing resources on campus really can help- I mean, it seems obvious to do that but most people I've talked to here are either too embarrassed to ask questions or know that they have these resources but never actually go. Some good resources I have found include SLC - has study groups and mock midterms that prepare people really well for different subjects, going to GSI hours and asking for help is also another great way to get your questions and confusions solved- that's what they are there for!!! I just remembered, now that semester is almost over, I also have to start looking for an apartment... I'm going to a 101 apartment info session at Foothill Hillside dorm discussion and I'll inform you about finding apartments at Berkeley later on! Can't wait!!

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