April 25, 2008 6:34 PM

Temptations, temptations... part 1

Chapter 1 : Video Game Addiction

Midterms were over last week (at least for me), about time I caught up with all my readings (10 minutes ago, finally), and now I'm deciding what to do. It feels great that I have more time again, but I'm sure this won't last long; my final paper in College Writing R4B is due in three weeks and finals are up that same week.

Again, like always, I'm facing against the temptation to slack off and not do my homework in advance.

The biggest temptation I am dealing with at this moment is whether to play World of Warcraft. I've always been a big fan of video games. In fact, I don't remember any instance in my life that video games were not present. It's been a while since I played WoW because I just had not much time to do so.

Playing video games is not bad as long as it does not badly affect your academics and social life. Sometimes it is good to play once in a while for fun with friends; however, games (like WoW) can get very addicting and destructive especially if a person loses control and plays obsessively. I've been there once, when video games took control of my life: I delayed dinner with my family, procrastinated with my schoolwork, and wasted countless of hours because I was prioritizing playing video games instead.

Anyways that was junior year in high school. The next year, I gradually started disliking the game. I realized that the thousands of hours I spent playing turned out to be NOTHING. I thought maybe I could have done something else FUN and PRODUCTIVE, something that can develop me as a person. Tennis for example. At some point I wished that I learned about that sport before I got addicted to WoW. If I played tennis for at least 3 hours a day instead of playing WoW, maybe I'm at least good enough to join a tennis club. I play video games for fun, but isn't tennis fun to play also? Or maybe I could have just spent time with people and made real life friends. What I'm trying to point out is that there are many things we can do for fun besides spending too much time on video games.

So do I really regret wasting time playing video games? Yes and no. Yes because I did waste a lot of time. And no because if I didn't experience this firsthand I wouldn't be writing this blog in the first place.

--- End of Part 1 ---

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