April 25, 2008 9:43 PM

Temptations, temptations... part 2

Chapter 2: Control, or Get Controlled

As I mentioned in Chapter 1, I was controlled by video games. That was two years ago. Now is time to strike back.

As I am writing this blog, the evil video game called World of Warcraft is being installed on my laptop. Despite what I have said earlier about video game addiction, I decided to play once again. But this time, I'm taking control.

This decision is indeed very risky, but it is a personal challenge to test myself if I developed my self-control. I am also experimenting to see if playing can help me with academics. Wait, what?! Yes, that's right. I am using this game as a reward wherein I have set my own rules:

1) I can only play if I have finished all my homework.
2) When there is a paper due, I can play 1 hour for every hour I spent writing.
3) No playing a day before a midterm/final.
4) Anything lower than a B- on a paper or an exam will result in termination of my account.
5) Extracurricular/socializing comes first, I should be just playing when I have really nothing else to do.
6) No playing past 12am.

May sound weird, but if it does actually help me stay on top of things then why not. Again, no one is watching me besides myself. I can totally ignore these rules, but part of the challenge is actually keeping my own rules in effect.

In a week I will write an update to see how it works. You can also try creating your own "reward system" by restricting yourself from doing a certain activity you really like until you meet a certain goal. Again, it's all about self-control.

Now my game (well it's actually Blizzard's) has finished installing. Time to get in control! :)

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