April 16, 2008 6:02 AM

Textbook Pain

We all know that we get ripped off on our textbooks. Looking at that lovely organic chemistry textbook of Vollhardt's that costs $163.95 on Amazon is painful. Salt is just poured on the wound when I realize that I can get the same book new on Japan Amazon for $100. What's with this difference? (Not that we use Vollhardt's book here at International Christian University. We use Solomons where there is a $100 price gap.)
It's the exact same book being published in the exact same location. It's not even an "international edition" that is marked "not for sale in North America."
Science and education subject books are cheaper in Japan.
On the other hand, literature, law, and history books seem to be more expensive in Japan.

What's with this disparity? Hum....

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