May 20, 2008 3:25 PM

A Moment of Reflection

Well I’ve done it. I’ve made it halfway through my Cal experience. It’s been a long year filled with studying, laughing, lots of coffee, Ici ice cream, research, friends and more studying. Up until this past year I’ve never worked and studied so hard, yet as stressful as it can be at times, it is so rewarding. There’s something about that week during finals that only Cal students understand. Yes it probably has to do with lots of caffeine and not a lot of sleep but I like to think it’s something more, whatever that thing is that got us here. I’ve grown a lot in the year I’ve been here, and I am proud of myself for toughing it out during the hard times. I lost a close friend this past fall and keeping up with school seemed unbearable without the help of other students. Overall this year has really been fulfilling and I am glad I chose Cal for undergrad. I’m so grateful to all of the amazing people I’ve met here so far and look forward to another amazing year! year has really been worthwhile and I am glad I chose Cal for undergrad. Good luck to the graduating class of 2008!

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