May 30, 2008 8:24 PM


So here am I in Seoul, Korea. I arrived here last night around 6 after a 12 hour flight. I was so exhausted, because I slept very little on the plane (I'm not good at sleeing on planes). I finally got to see The Golden Compass, 27 Dresses, and I Am Legend. I sat next to this wonderful Indian-American woman from Irvine. She was going to Bombay to see her mother, who is unfortunately very sick. We talked about movies, career paths, and her two sons.

Aren't airplanes just amazing? Here I was, taking a trip in 12 hours that 500 years ago would have taken several months. Even now, traveling to Korea by boat would take a long time, weeks even. It's not just the airplane itself, but the infrastructure surrounding it. The airports, the airlines, the systems put into place to ensure people get from one point to another as quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly as possible. Amazing.

On another note: Korean Air has really gotten a lot better over the years. The service is wonderful, and the food is pretty decent. It must be tough to be a flight attendant, though. You're constantly on your feet, you are always traveling, and you have to be calm and in control at all times, even with screaming children or sick passengers.

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