May 18, 2008 2:31 PM


We're almost there! Well, for some people, finals are already over. I still have one more final on Tuesday morning.

Advice: Know the location of your final before you get there. Always head out to the location of your final about half an hour before it begins.

My first final was on Thursday at 12:30. Instead of going to Haas Pavilion for the final, I actually went to the classroom. Luckily I headed out early around noon...about 12:15 I walked into Dwinelle and realized that that wasn't the location of the final! I ended up semi-sprinting to Haas. It was really stuffy in there! Hot day + sweating people + people without tissues + final = complete annoyance. Let's just say I tried to get out of there as soon as possible.

My second final was yesterday at 12:30. I headed out early, again. Guess who went to the wrong place, again? Yep. I was supposed to go to Hearst Gym, but I just remembered the 'H' and went to Haas Pavilion. I got there early, but ended up sprinting to Hearst Gym. I thought Haas Pavilion was Gym is just completely horrible. There were about two fans in the room and everyone was sweating. A lot of people alternated between fanning themselves with their finals and writing on their finals.

I had the Chem 3A (Organic Chemistry) Final last night. Don't worry. I was actually in VLSB about one and a half hours early, just in case. I ended up buying peanut M&Ms and a gigantic chocolate chip walnut cookie from FSM. Don't take a final on an empty stomach! Make sure you don't eat anything "interesting" right before your final, though. How horrible would it be to get a severe stomachache during an o chem final? Horror upon horror...The Chem 3A final was much better than the Chem 1A final I took last semester, though. That final was 17 pages long. By the time I got to the 10th page, I was ready to put my head down and go to sleep.

Anyways, still one more to go and then I'm free!!! Good luck on your finals!!!

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