May 23, 2008 7:47 AM

Convocation vs. Graduation

Last Sunday was the CNR's commencement ceremony!

Laura Lagomarsino celebrating the big day.
Commencement is that special day when you show up in your cap and gown, congratulate all of your fellow graduates, sit with your friends in the hot sun baking under a black robe, and walk across the stage in front of a big, cheering crowd to receive a rolled up piece of paper.

It's a big day. Family and friends drive hundreds or fly thousands of miles to also bake in the sun and watch you walk, hop, and wave your way across a roasting stage.

But it's not the end! No matter how big and exciting that special day was, most of the graduates had the delightful experience of completing the last of their finals several days after commencement. If a crowd member looked carefully, they could find graduates hastily studying review notes and flash cards as they baked in the sun. Many spent that evening, not celebrating with family and friends, but rather attending review sessions, meeting with study groups, filling the study rooms of the library, and pulling all-nighters for their exams the following day.

Graduation only comes after you meet with your adviser, and turn in that last final - when grades are posted and the paperwork goes through.

I walked, but I'm still looking forward to the day my grades are posted and I know I really did make it through.

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