May 18, 2008 11:35 AM

Finals hideouts

Finals weeks are hectic. For once, when you wake up at 8 am and head to the library, you'll see a whole crowd of students at Doe and Moffit. This semester, I decided to find another place to study besides my dorm room. Here are a few places I find that help me study and concentrate better( and from other students' opinions too):

1. East Asian Library( i heard it's really quiet)
2. study rooms in moffit- you get to study with a bunch of people
3. FSM- great area to eat and drink and study
4. Music Library
5. 3rd floor of Moffit- nobody really goes there- it's well lit and quiet
6. Memorial Glade- get a tan and relaxing

That's it so far. If I find any more, or you have any to add, feel free to! Good luck on finals!

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