May 21, 2008 11:19 AM

First year at Cal

went by so fast.

It seems yesterday I was just moving in. All of sudden, now I'm packing up.

I just can't believe my first year is over.

I remember my first class 8am in the morning. It was a small class with 16 students. I remember my professor introducing herself, Ph.D. of some sort in writing. I was just amazed my teacher is a doctor of writing !!! Then I went to my next class. HUGE lecture hall with over 500 students! Again I was amazed and wondered how the professor is going to teach the class. I guess that's what make Cal so great.

It's not just the professors who make Cal one of the best universities, but the students as well. I also remember meeting a lot of people the first day, but sadly I do not remember their names. But of course their faces are something I won't forget. People are really friendly and approachable, and there's a lot of them! I think that's what I like the most about studying at such a large university; walking around campus saying hi to friends here and there. They prevent me from becoming insane from all the school work! Which makes me sad though because the school year is over. I'll miss going to my floormates to play video games, eat at Crossroads, and all sort of things. But no need to be sad now that summer is here, I have time to do things I can't normally do during the school year!

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