May 20, 2008 10:16 PM


I went to the CNR graduation last Sunday at the Hearst Greek Theater. It was pretty amazing to see all those graduates, lined up in their black robes and mortarboards. Some had leis around their necks, gifts of family or friends; others proudly showed off their stoles and cords, indications of high honors or fraternity membership. Some wore no such adornment, but simply walked on stage, the knowledge of a degree from UC Berkeley honor enough. I knew nearly all the forestry majors who graduated (there were only 15 of them), and cheered loudly for my friend Big Dave (Molecular Toxicology).

Graduations are always such joyous occasions. When the professors were rambling off on the Ph.D.'s dissertations, with long and esoteric titles, I was amazed by the variety and complexity of what people here study. Incredible.

To think, that I will be on that stage (hopefully with a canopy next time) next year...Exhilarating. College really does go by quickly...

But back to finals studying!

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