May 16, 2008 11:55 AM

I forgot I had work

Yep...I managed to completely forgot that I worked today...How you ask?? Well the answer is simple: Finals. I have been so wrapped up in studying and typing that all I can think about is finals. It was yesterday when I was talking to my boyfriend about studying together this morning when he said, Don't you have work? I work the same hour every week for the past semester yet political ecology and environmental science has managed to consume my every thought the past few days. On another note regarding finals...make sure you talk and see people. When Rachel called and suggested we take a break and go get ice cream at Ici, I realized that I've spent 20 hours the past two days typing. It definately recharged my brain and gave me the much needed break...which brings me to my point (finals study trick): Take a break and eat ice cream!! Good luck on finals everyone

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