May 8, 2008 9:18 PM

i'm sure you've probably heard by now

of what happened this past weekend on south side. there has already been a memorial on sproul plaza, and i'm sure a lot of news stations have picked up on it already. but in case you haven't heard, here's some scary news for you:
BERKELEY, Calif. -- A 20-year-old college student is due in court Tuesday after being arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing at a party at UC Berkeley over the weekend.

May 2008: Berkeley Man Accused Of Fatal Stabbing Of Student

Andrew Thomas Hoeft-Edenfield was arrested in connection with charges he fatally stabbed Christopher Wootton, a 21-year-old engineering student due to graduate this month, in the midst of an argument that started as a verbal exchange and escalated to a physical fight, according to Berkeley police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss.

Hoeft-Edenfield, a graduate of Berkeley High School, is being held without bail. He was attending Berkeley City College.

At about 2:45 a.m., the Police Department received a report of someone brandishing a knife, and officers responded to the rear of 2421 Piedmont Ave., a Chi Omega sorority house, Kusmiss said.

Officers were then directed to 2434 Warring St., about a block east of the Piedmont address, where they met up with a crowd of about 20 college-age males who were circled around Wootton, according to Kusmiss.

Wootton had been stabbed on the left side of his upper chest. He was transported to a local trauma center, where he was pronounced dead, Kusmiss said.

Detectives interviewed several witnesses and believe Hoeft-Edenfield stabbed Wootton, then fled westbound on Channing Way and tossed a bloody knife that was later found by police, according to Kusmiss.

Hoeft-Edenfield was booked into City of Berkeley Jail for one count of murder, Kusmiss said.

Wootton planned to study nuclear engineering in graduate school at UC Berkeley following his graduation this month, Birgeneau said.

"This futile and senseless killing is a loss felt by us all, including his teachers, friends and especially his fraternity brothers," Birgeneau said in a prepared statement.

The last killing of a Berkeley student was in 1998. Kenneth Ishida, 20, a Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity member, was carjacked and kidnapped from the garage of his apartment building, Kusmiss said. The killer shot and killed Ishida and dumped his body and his car.

Classes at UC Berkeley will continue Monday as scheduled, according to Marie Felde, a campus spokeswoman. University Health Services at the Tang Center will provide counseling for students, faculty and staff.

(taken from NBC)

SF gate says:
Wootton, who had a 3.8 grade point average at Cal, was scheduled to graduate with honors May 24. He was planning to stay at Berkeley and work on a master's degree in nuclear engineering...
Wootton's girlfriend, 20-year-old Brandy DeOrnellas, went to the Sigma Pi house Sunday to mourn with friends.

"I know Chris is always a mediator during altercations," she said. "Chris is always in the front trying to fix it. I believe in my heart that's what happened. I wish he would have stepped back and not tried to fix it. But he wanted to help his friends."

She said her boyfriend turned down scholarships to MIT and UC Santa Barbara and decided, instead, to do his graduate work at UC Berkeley, close to his girlfriend and his friends."
who knows what they were thinking, except that the both of them must have been extremely charged about whatever they were arguing about. One guy died, the other guy might as well have died considering the sentence he's bound to get. I'm not defending the suspect's actions; by all means it was a horrible thing to do. but i guess part of me does feel bad for him. Sure he killed someone. that's unforgivable. but i'm sure if he were thinking logically, and if he had cooled off a bit instead of adding fuel to the fire...he wouldn't have made such a stupid stupid move. And maybe then both of them might still have been alive today.
it's ironic; my friend told me that a few weeks ago he almost got into a fight with someone at the dining commons. it was a purely verbal/push and shove fight until they both backed down and sat at their tables. then, my friend said he saw the other guy pull out a knife or something from across the hall. luckily my friend was able to call his friends to walk out with him, so he was safe.

but man, it's really scary how people can act when their egos are high.

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