May 17, 2008 9:22 AM

it's gettin hot in here

thursday may 15th: max temp 99 degrees
friday may 16th: max temp 92 degrees

i don't know bout yall, but i've been burning up! i don't think it's been this warm in berkeley this year so far! Unfortunately, it also happens to be finals week...which makes the heat even more bothersome. Thursday morning, i walk out of my dorm to my bio final (which i bombed, by the way), and i felt like someone turned on the humidity switch in the atmosphere. my testing room was in lewis, and it was even hotter in there!! to make matters worse, i think the temperature change triggered my body to go into allergy-overdrive, because i was sniffling, sneezing, and itchy eyed throughout my final =[

a few hours later i had my linguistics final in dwinelle, and it was even hotter than in lewis. it was so hot i had to take of my shoes and socks during the test (which may sound absolutely disgusting, but you have to understand they were absolutely burning up).

Luckily, our lovely campus has some nice pools open for rec swimming, and luckily i was able to cool off in one after my finals. If you haven't dipped in one, you're missing out!! it's the perfect way to cool off and destress after taking those yucky finals. some good places to go to are the hearst pool by college on bancroft (by the heart gym) and the RSF spieker (or speiker?) pool.

good luck with finals! and dont forget to stay cool. the weather today is supposed to be high 70's which is a lot more bearable than these past few days. take care =]

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