May 6, 2008 8:43 AM

kill the languages?!

Letter from EALC Chair
To All Students Wanting to Enroll in Fall:
Due to the budget situation, EALC is having to cut Chinese, Japanese, and Korean courses by over 50%. This means that not everyone currently enrolled will be able to enroll in the Fall semester. We will not be able to accommodate students from other Colleges and Schools (outside of Letters and Sciences) in our courses. We recognize that many of you need our courses to complete minor or major requirements, and we sincerely apologize to those of you who will need to change your plans.

We will continue to accept students from all colleges in our summer courses on a first-come, first-served basis. This coming summer we are offering Chinese 1, Chinese 10, Japanese 1, Japanese 10, Japanese 100, Korean 1, and Korean 10. We are also offering 4 literature courses: Chinese 7A and Japanese 7A in Session A; and Chinese 7A and Japanese 7B in Session D.

That sad message above was taken verbatim from the East Asian Languages and Cultures department website :

Pretty sad, isn't it?

"Thousands of UC students are protesting the drastic cuts made to East Asian language education at UC Berkeley. According to the projected budget figures for the next academic year, 66% of Korean language classes, 54% of Chinese language classes, and 40% of Japanese language classes will be eliminated. As a result of the cuts, more than 1500 students currently taking East Asian language classes will no longer be able to continue their studies."
"➢ Percentage of classes to be cut from each language in EALC
o Japanese 40%
o Chinese 54%
o Korean 66%
➢ Numbers of students to be cut from next year's classes
o Chinese: 550
o Japanese: 496
o Korean: 484"

I know California is going through a giant budget crisis, and some people will always get the short end of the stick. But i definitely feel like Ca schools have been living off the short end for quite some time now. I heard recently from my high school friends that college acceptance rates have been lower than ever this year. And, of course, tuition continues to increase. My professor last week told us that he receives around 50,000 a year even after getting a Ph.D. And now the east asian languages are feelin it too.
Here are some websites that you might want to look into for more information

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Thank you for posting this. I know at least one student in Environmental Economics and Policy has posted about how this personally affects his learning of Chinese in order to deal with these undeniably global issues.

Posted by mh | 2008-05-07

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