May 21, 2008 5:52 PM

Lessons to learn

My first year at Cal was full of both good and bad experiences. For the most part, most of my bad experiences (academics) were avoidable. But for now, I have to recall what I have done wrong this school year and learn from it.

My greatest mistake this school year was being a little too confident for a final. Throughout the whole semester I had a solid A in one of my classes. I thought the final was going to be easy, so I only studied for about 5 good hours. It was too late when I realized I had more topics to cover. The final came and all the topic I was not able to study for came out. With no doubt, I knew I did BAD on the test. I ended up with a B on my easiest class. Some may think B isn't such a bad grade, but the fact that the class was almost like a retake to me is a humiliation to myself. I guess sometimes people has to learn something the hard way.

Another mistake I had this school year was not taking my time to write my papers. Although I managed to finish my papers on time, I did it the last minute. I barely escaped with it. With the amount of classes I will have next school year, doing the same thing would put me in big trouble.

Lastly, I wasted too much time in front of my computer. Next school year, I am going to move to San Leandro. I won't bring my laptop to school because it is a pain in the back. Hopefully this solves the problem.

Good thing I have 3 more years. Hopefully next time I can stick to my plans. Easy to say, but better than nothing.

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