May 14, 2008 4:39 PM

No more classes...

Permanently for seniors not going to grad school. Three months for people not doing summer school. And two weeks for me.

Also, Congratulations to the Class of 2008!

Now the school year is almost over (well for some people it is already over, lucky for those with no finals), It is time to plan out for summer! Actually let’s talk about that later. Let’s ace our finals first :)

Studying tips!
1) Try not to study the last minute, because you’re never sure when problems you can’t personally solve arise.
2) Because you actually followed the first tip, you get more time to study with other people or ask your Profs/GSIs for answers! Of course not the answers for the exams, but for the questions you may not have been able solve on your own while studying.
3) Be careful with “study groups”, make sure it is an actual study group and not a “socialize” group—you might end up talking about how much you’ve been procrastinating more than preparing for finals.
4) For some people, teaching is also considered as studying! Teaching others is a good gauge of your knowledge; if you find yourself struggling to explain something, chances are you might also struggle if the same question occurs on the exams. Also, just saying out things can make it stick to your brain longer. It varies from person to person, but try and see if teaching works for you.
5) Take some breaks in between—whether it be to feed your hungry stomach or stretch your muscles or just to let your brain rest and absorb what you’ve been studying for.
6) STAY AWAY FROM AIM, FACEBOOK, TV, WORLD OF WARCRAFT, BRAWL, and those sorts of things. You may be thinking, “well aim/facebook is my break from studying…”, but you don’t need a break every 3 mins! So log out, turn off your wireless internet /hook off the internet cable, and stay away from Wii’s… erhmm I mean any video games. Unless you need the internet for research, I wish you all luck.

Before the final!
1) Make sure you GET ENOUGH REST. Or if your final is not during the morning, take a nap before final at least (and please don’t over sleep, I don’t want someone telling me they failed because they tried following my tips). To me personally, I would rather take an exam with eyes wide open and a functioning brain rather than cramp up studying all night.
2) Come early so you can get good spots (whether you prefer sitting in front or at the back). I like sitting two or three rows from the front because I don’t like the image of seeing 200+ people with their pens, just makes me more nervous. Also make sure your table/chair isn’t moving—it can get really annoying.
3) DON’T FORGET YOUR TEST MATERIALS! Pen, paper, scantron of the right version, blue books (some Prof’s are picky, so make sure you get the same size, or in some cases the same brand)…
4) Again this is personal, I avoid listening to too much music or watching before finals. It is annoying when some random music plays in my head while taking a test.

During the final.
1) RELAX. Do not worry too much about your grade. Doing so will just stress and make you nervous—which makes dumb mistakes to happen more likely.

After the final.
1) Cheers.

With that said, GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!

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