June 1, 2008 9:08 AM

Digital Books

There are two digital book reader devices out there: Sony's Reader Digital Book and Amazon's Kindle. Amazon's device is much better marketed than Sony's. Since Amazon is where one tends to go for books, it is a natural extension of Amazon. When we think books, we think Amazon. Sony's audience is more tech based. From its website down to its design, it is designed for the more digitally inclined group. While Sony allows one to load ones own personal files onto the device at no extra charge, the device requires hook-up to a computer to manage the digital library. Amazon allows this all to happen directly from the device. Sony's is more a a peripheral device for the computer while Amazon's is a stand-alone device. Yet the extra charges that Amazon loads onto its device are annoying. It makes things so easy to do because it snips charges away from at every step. Amazon also has a larger capacity for book storage and for battery charges. Sony's advertising isn't great. During the video explanation, the advertiser says that the device costs around $300. The actual pricing is $299.99. By saying $300, they lose the pricing advantage that they had. People realize that $299.99 is basically $300, but it doesn't hit the pricing point when it is $299.99, which makes it seem more affordable.

This, and other marketing mistakes really hurts Sony. They may win with the Blu-Ray, but they're definitely loosing on the digital reader device.

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Comments (2)

Hey! I love reading your posts! They are so exciting! Btw, I'm thinking about changing to motox major and was looking at the requirement for MCB 32. Unfortunatly, due to the budget cut, no 32 L is offered. Would 132L be an equivalent course, because then I was thinking of taking 32 this fall and 132 L in the spring, do you know? Thanks a lot!

Posted by Casey Wang | 2008-06-13

Hi Casey, 132L is definitely not an equivalent class. But don't worry because you can take Microbiology Lab (MCB/PMB C112L or PH 162L) to replace 32L. You don't need 32L to declare the major either. Check with the MolTox advisor in for more info though.

Posted by Kristin | 2008-06-13

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