June 6, 2008 4:49 AM


Sorry about not updating for a while. It's been super busy the past few days.

This past Wednesday I went to Everland with Karey, Sung, my cousin Mi-Hyung (my mom's older sister's daughter), and her friend (forgot her name, unfortunately). Everland (or more accurately, Samsung Everland, as it's owned by the Samsung company) is an amusement park a 2 hour bus ride from Seoul. It's the largest amusement park in Korea. The park is broken up into different areas: European Adventure, American Adventure, Zoo-topia, and so on. It's very much like Disneyland, with cutesy mascots and saccharine sweet music piping through the air.

They did have some pretty awesome rides. The old standbys, such as the Viking ship, the double loop roller coaster, the river raft ride...By the end of the day, I was dizzy and a bit nauseous (ugh). After we got back, Sung's dad treated us to some wonderful Italian food from a place called "Mad For Garlic." Mm, quite good, but I was dead tired at the end of the day.

Friends in Korea can be pretty touchy. Mi-hyung and her friend were holding hands and linking arms in walking around the park. It's a common sight to see girls holding hands with their friends as they stroll along, kind of as a sign of affection. It's not as common to see guys do it, but it does occur. I saw two older men, probably in their 50s, who were holding hands on the subway. They looked very familiar with each other. See, I didn't know if they were friends, or a romantic couple. The reason why I wonder is because I know Korea is a very homophobic country, and so I was wondering how people would respond to these guys. Hm, nothing happened; they got no weird stares, or strange looks. I guess things in Korea are not as simple as I thought...

Speaking of subway, check out the map of the Korean subway system. As confusing as it looks, it's actually pretty straightforward (although if you don't know Korean, it's a bit tougher).


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