June 25, 2008 10:32 AM

Good Old Danville

Many of you may/may not of heard of Danville, it's kinda like the O.C of the Bay Area. The suburburban small town I had the "privilege" of growing up in. Yes there are aspects of this town I appreciate, the fact that I could walk around town at 3:00am and have no thoughts about whether it's a "safe" neighborhood. I once left my purse in a shopping cart at Safeway and someone kindly returned it with the money still in my wallet! Well what is there that I possibly couldn't like about such a "quaint" little town. I run into to people EVERY where. Which happens in Berkeley too, but the people here are so ridiculously fake. In anywhere else seeing an eight year old with highlights and fake nails would alarm some people..but not here.

These are the people I run into, when I go to yogurt shack or to Starbucks (because there are no independent coffee houses). I get so tired of running into people from high school who I'd rather not see because their biggest concern is what model BMW their daddy is going to buy them for their birthday. Or having conversations with friends who think that I'm crazy because I believe in climate change. Yes there are plenty of people here who think it's still not real. It's hard because I have some amazing friends here but sometimes there is just too much time spent in this little small town for me. So I'm going camping and climbing in Tahoe, I'll post pictures when I get back.

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