June 2, 2008 2:41 AM

Korean Rain

Not the pop star, of course; I'm referring to the rain of the hydrological variety. Today was the first day of rain in my stay so far here in Korea, and man, it is quite a doozy. It poured for most of the morning, cleared up some for the afternoon, and is now pouring the evening. We don't get rain like this much in LA, although I do remember some great rainstorms.

It's always interesting to see these rains. Life doesn't stop because of the rain; people keep moving along. I know if we had rain like this in LA, people would freak out and complain about the weather. For people here, it's just a natural part of life. They just carry on. Oh sure, there are extra precautions they have to take because of the rain, but it's nothing they don't expect. It makes me wonder about people who live in areas with more extreme weather conditions, like regular hurricanes or droughts. Do they see it as just part of everyday life? How do you structure your life around such chaotic events?

I've been spending way too much time on the internet here...I didn't come all the way to Korea to kill my time in cyberspace! I'll still try to keep regular updates, though.

Interesting note: When I went on Facebook here, I noticed that there were banner ads for Korean bars or Korean t-shirts. It must be because I'm using a computer in Korea. It's strange...when I use Facebook on my computer at home, the banners advertise fat loss exercise regimes and dating services for homosexual males. I wonder why that's the case...

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