June 25, 2008 9:49 AM

Summer Summer!!

Hey guys! Summer's finally here and I am already bored! I watched all the movies that I missed while in school during the first two weeks of summer. Then, I as I was sitting on my lawn chair enjoying the weather, I decided to write up a summer plan to keep productive. As I reccommed you should do as well, we should all make goals/ things that we never got to do during the busy school year. For me it was , EXERCISING- hitting the gym and swimming, learning to cook for next semester( i'm living in an apartment and avoiding dorm food now!!!- miss the garlic late night fries though :(. ), learning to drive the highway- yes, it sounds surprising and pathetic, but that is the sad truth, spending lots of time with the family( i do realize that my parents treat me more like an adult now that I've been in college, which is quite nice), and of course earning big money!!! ( haha...it's only minimum wage, unfortunately) I'm working at the fair right now-Alameda County fair, that is, babysitting other times, and working at New York and Company. For now, that's all I'm doing! Yes, Don't forget to also have fun with your friends! Summer should be relaxing, exciting, interesting, and eventful! Bye!

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