June 7, 2008 5:08 PM

summertime plans

so with this summer ahead of me, i am determined to keep busy doing productive or just fun things. i've gotta say, the worst way to spend summer is to sit around in the house watching tv. i've tried it for a few days and just get so extremely restless that I feel like i'm going crazy. so here are a few of the things i'd like to do for summer
[ ]go backpacking
[ ]travel travel travel
[ ]cook lots of new foods
[ ]go camping
[ ] go swimming
[ ] participate in a triathlon
[ ]read a book at least every 2 weeks

it's so easy to get preoccupied doing...nothing. and being LAZY. but that's such a waste of summer, now isnt it? so i suggest, if you're one of the summer bums out there who sit around playing couch potato all day. go make a checklist like i did! and go make your summer worth it.
happy summer =]

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