June 3, 2008 5:15 AM

War Memorial/Yongsan Electronics Market

I went to go visit the Korean War Memorial today with Karey and Sung, two of my friends from Berkeley. Both of them are working in Seoul this summer. The memorial is dedicated primarily to the memory of the Korean War, although there are also exhibits for the other wars that Korea has been a part of. In the outside exhibit were different war apparatuses used by the two sides in the Korean War: cannons, aircraft, tanks, troop carriers, and the like. There were crowds of little kids in uniforms, out for a field trip to the museum. They prompted Sung to say "While I don't believe in God, I swear that I will never be a kindergarten teacher." The three of us headed into a special exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls held underground. Everything was written in Korean, and Sung had to translate all the signs for us. The exhibit was only partly on the scrolls; there were also artifacts from the early Christian era to the Byzantine era. I'd expound more, but I didn't understand everything...

Afterwards, we looked around the Yongsan Electronics Market. There were many little stores selling computer hardware, laptops, cameras, phones, and all sorts of electronics. We browsed around the movies and games, and I played Burnout Paradise for a bit. I wonder about those people who make their living selling these things. They're stuck indoors, staring at screens for hours on end. Can't be good for their eys. I had a headache just walking around in there.

We're supposed to go to Everland tomorrow, an amusement park outside of Seoul. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

At the War Memorial, Karey and I found a box of biscotti on the ground. Unopened. I opened it up, and inside were individually wrapped biscotti packages, all unopened. I was a bit torn on what to do, but I figured that the snack had been left by some of the field trip kids. It couldn't have been there overnight; the cleaning crew would have picked it up. So Karey and I opened the packets. The biscotti were a bit crumbly, but perfectly fine. Besides, who doesn't like free food?

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