June 6, 2008 5:41 AM

World Cup Stadium/Active Child

Today was the first nice day in a while, so a group of us went to the World Cup stadium. There was my grandmother, my aunts Hae-kyung and Hae-won, Hae-won's husband, their son Seung-hyun, and my uncle Dong-hwan. We bought kimbap (Rice and other things rolled in seaweed), and had a little picnic in the park near the stadium. It was really fun. Seung-hyun is so cute! He's six, now...when I saw him 4 years ago, he was just toddling around. Now he's this big bundle of energy, running around everywhere. I had a great time chasing him around and playing with him at the playground.

Afterwards, Hae-won, her husband, and Seung-hyun and I went to Homever, a local shopping center. The center was located just underneath the stadium. One level had all these different clothing brands, from Adidas to Giordano to Levi's, as well as Korean brands. Another level was a supermarket, with all sorts of food, a eating area, and most importantly, free samples. A third level was full of different goods, such as tools, electronics, etc. Everywhere was supercrowded (it's Veterans' Day here in Korea), so we got what we needed and took off.

It's been so hectic these past few days. Every day I've been out doing something. I guess that kind of happens when you're out sightseeing in a new place. I haven't had much time to settle down, to get into some kind of rut or groove. Everything's been so fast-paced every day. I mean, it's great, certainly. I get to enjoy new experiences every day, and learn and see more of Korea...but I guess I'm just not really the jet-setting traveler type. It's kind of draining, and I kind of wish for a day when I can just sit around and not do anything (or at least not have to do anything outside). Well, it'll be like this for only a couple more weeks, I guess. I should definitely enjoy each day anew!

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