31 July 2008

Giving a tour of UC Berkeley

Today I invited my family to Cal to give them a private tour and get them out of their work. The parking is pretty bad so I tell my parents to park the car in the “permit only” section. Sure they will risk a ticket, but my dad was anxious to get out of the car and eat. Even though the city of Berkeley has tons of unique and exotic restaurants, I still prefer the old fashion Subway across Sproul Plaza. Afterwards, I start to walk up to the Campanile when there is a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I enjoy the fact that Cal has a bunch of restrooms, but it is kind of awkward when notes on the stalls read that “40,000 animals are killed each year here at Cal.”

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30 July 2008

Childhood memories

So, this summer, my second job requires extra energy and patience. As a childcare TA, I look after kids age 4 to 12 at a childcare center. My main job of course is to entertain them and discipline them. I realized that I do most of the discipling but when they do behave and I am playing wallball with them, memories of my childhood come flooding back. I miss it! It's amazing that after 14 years, kids are still playing the games that I used to play- origami, cats cradle, wall ball....but of course, I did see some differences as well- more computer games, gameboys, i mean, where'd the landyard making days go? or when did the exciting treasure hunt games go? Kids seem to be easily bored by these games and are so anxious to do anything- any game that involves computers! Anyway, on the flip side, I also realized that kids are just so cute and innocent...the way they( or we), used to be....., but i guess at that age, they need it and guidance. I mean, when kids fight, I don't try to intervene- that's my philosophy= i really just address the problem and asks the kids how they would like it to be handled and let them talk it out- make sure they know that I won't baby them but let them figure things out themselves. And that's my job and I make sure that's what they learn- how to work together. this summer definitely was not boring! Which reminds me... i need to start thinking about back to school shopping....

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28 July 2008

The Olympics!

So 10 days till the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games! 1. The Stadium The Chinese build a new National Stadium, also known as the “Bird’s Nest”, for the Beijing Olympic Games. As the main stadium for the Games, the Bird’s Nest will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, athletics competitions, and football finals. The Stadium covers an area of 20.4 hectares, has a floor space of 258,000 square meters and will seat 91,000 during the Games. According the Chinese, the Bird’s Nest fully represents a “Green Olympics,” as there is a solar power system on top of the ticket office, and a water collection system that processes 58,000 tons of rainfall annually for irrigation and cleaning purposes. Here is the photo of the Stadium, being illuminated during the first rehearsal for the illumination system after its construction. http://img00.beijing2008.cn/20080717/Img214459241.jpg

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27 July 2008

Wanna be a Fresh Faces blogger?

I hope everyone's having a great summer! Thank you to those who read my blogs and leave comments. If you have a question about something we've mentioned in our blogs, feel free to post a question. For those who love reading Fresh Faces blogs and want to become a blogger themselves, it's really easy! The only requirements are: 1) you're in CNR 2) are interested in posting regularly over the semesters Just email our webmaster, Eva St. Clair, at webmaster@nature.berkeley.edu and she'll be happy to help you!

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27 July 2008

Not So Fresh Anymore

I've been asked what year I was several times just after the 07-08 school year. I was not sure what to answer--well I'm not a sophomore yet because 08-09 school year hasn't started and maybe I'm not a freshman either because I just finished my first year! Not so seriously, when do Freshies become Sophomores?! Whatever. I just checked my Bear Facts, and I'm no longer "Fresh". Now looking at my first year grades, I see some good (and bad) patterns. Hopefully recalling what happened to my grades would help find my strengths and weaknesses and what I can do in the future (my sophomore year to be specific).

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26 July 2008

to do list

so i don't foget, here are some things i've got to do before summer ends -run up my favorite home trails before I'm back in the city -buy a backpack with functional zippers (sweet!) -read more books -backpacking trip -finish making a t shirt quilt SCHOOL STUFF -Buy my backpack -TELEBEARS! Figure out my schedule dangit! -look into research (attention!! if you're looking for research to, search URAP (undergrad research apprentice program) and you'll find lots of juicy projects. CNR also has SPUR, a great research program! Im sure you can find more info on the CNR website) -do some sewing

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26 July 2008

Planning...yet again...

It's almost 4 am right now...I've been up trying to plan out which classes to take this upcoming semester and the semesters to come. The online schedule of classes is always down from 2 am to 4 am...so I'm waiting to check whether the class I want to take is still available. Telebears Phase II should be coming up for most people. There was a glitch in the Telebears system a few days ago. I'm not sure if they fixed it or not, but apparently, people's Telebears Phase II appointments have been changed to about 10 days earlier than their original scheduled time. Check to see if your time has changed! I hope everyone gets into the classes he or she

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25 July 2008

Junk Food Addiction

I never used to have such a bad addiction to junk food. I think it all started in college. For most people, once they get to college, they're free from parental control...which can be good and bad. No one nagging you about cleaning your room...no one reminding you not to overdo it on the cereal... For some odd reason, many college students are addicted to cereal, but why? Is it because of the sugars or the munchiness and convenience of this "breakfast" food? I don't eat cereal for breakfast anymore; I eat it all the time. There were days at Berkeley where I would go through

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25 July 2008

a day in the life

This summer has probably been the most hectic of all my summers in quite some time. I've been working 2 jobs and taking 2 classes (although one job is only 2 hours/week and one class is only 3 hours/week) and all my time seems to have been sucked away! i've barely seen my friends these past few months, but hey. at least im being productive right? so i've decided to blog about my daily life for archiving purposes, so that i can remember what the heck i did during the summer of my eighteenth birthday...

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25 July 2008


A few weeks ago, I made a checklist and updated it on this site. now, i can check off a few of the things i wanted to do! now i can proudly check of a few... [ ]go backpacking [ ]travel travel travel [x]cook lots of new foods [ ]go camping [x] go swimming [x] participate in a triathlon [x]read a book at least every 2 weeks 1) Over this past week, i've been doing quite a bit of baking... so far i've baked: brownies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, and oatmeal raison cookies. I pretty much went on a baking frenzy (i was surprised my mom didn't evict me from the kitchen by now) 2)my mom and I enrolled at the YMCA in our area, and ever since then my mom has been going there pretty much every day for around an hour. weird, since she used to never get near water just a few years ago. anyway, i don't go the Y that much anymore cus i normally don't have time (work/school keeps me busy during the day) but luckily i enrolled in a swim class at my local community college and i've been enjoying every minute of it :) and, just like every summer, my skin is progressively darkening. i swear i get a shade tanner every time i go swimming. 3) i've been doing a lot of reading these past few weeks, mostly becuase of my summer english class (so i can get r1b out of the way). our topic is detective stories. so far, we've read Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles, The Murders of the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe (supposedly the first ever detective story), some agatha christie, raymond chandler, and dashiell hammet. up next is a book called "a is for alibi" 4)TRIATHLON!! (i was so excited for this, it's the main reason i decided to post todaY). yeah, i competed in my first triathlon ever today! so here was my schedule

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23 July 2008

UC System Eyes Admission Changes

Even though we have already gone through the grueling college admission process, I guess it is always interesting to see where is direction is heading to. In the Chronicle of Education and multiple newspapers last week: “The University of California is moving toward a major revision in its admissions policy that would de-emphasize test scores and give the system’s nine undergraduate campuses greater flexibility in choosing their freshman classes. The plan, which was discussed on Wednesday at a meeting of the system’s Board of Regents, would be the biggest change in how the university evaluates prospective students in at least a decade. It was proposed last month by faculty leaders who argue that the system’s strict eligibility formula disqualifies deserving students, especially those from low-income and minority backgrounds.” Here is the link to the story in the AP State News. http://www.sacbee.com/114/story/1080547.html For sure there are going to be lots of controversy to follow.

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22 July 2008

OC Fair

Hey! I haven't posted for a while...I've actually been busy volunteering at a Neuroscience Lab at the Research Institute of the Children's Hospital of Orange County. I haven't really done much. It's mostly just shadowing this lab technician guy and this other scientist. So, enough about work. Summer's for fun! About one and a half weeks ago, I went to the Orange County fair with a few friends. The fair goes on til August 3rd, so go if you want! It only costs $2 to get in, but you have to buy tickets to go on the rides...each ride is about $4...so it's not really worth it for the rides. I'm really scared of heights, so roller coasters totally freak me

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14 July 2008

Shhh..It's a secret: Mono Hot Springs

My mother came up to visit me last week and wanted to go camping somewhere we haven't been before. So I started browsing online for places. I discovered Mono Hot Springs, how could I go wrong with the name hot springs in the title? It's located in the western side of the sierra east of Fresno. This is one of the best places I've been camping for several reasons. Besides there being an abundance of natural hot springs, the location was beautiful. The forest looked healthy, the rivers and lakes were beautiful and we were in the middle of no where. I love Yosemite, don't doubt that, but being surrounded by masses of people while you're trying to enjoy the outdoors can get old. This area had lots to do, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, boat rentals, kayaking, backpacking, hot springs, spectacular views and it wasnt very crowded.

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13 July 2008

The GREAT Excitement

What excitement! This summer, I've committed to volunteering at the hospital in the pharmacy department, as I am interested in becoming a pharmacist. Usual duties that I do: package drugs, check for expiration dates. It's simple, relaxing.It is great! So, last tuesday, while I was packaging drugs, a pharmaist, jane, runs towards me and says, "Casey , right?!" and I am like, "yes, did you need something?" It turns out, she needed me to run to the OR room to deliver a drug because the previous one she sent down was the wrong one!!!! ( the medication contained alcohol, which, for a patient in surgery recovery, i guess, it might be bad?) AND, being new, I had no idea where the OR room was, and the badge that was required for special access to the OR room wasn't working!

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10 July 2008


Thank goodness the Alameda County Fair was held these last two weeks and not these past two day- it's sooo hot! There were so many people at the fair this year, compared to that of last year. I think that it's because of the economy. Nobody wants to go out on vacation or travel. So, where better to go than one's own hometown fair?! Well, that's what I did and earned money! I worked at the Lottery Booth as a cashier and they were exciting times. Someone won 1000 dollars on a scratcher! Then there were little 300 dollar winners here and there! It's amazing! I felt really happy for them when they won big!! Besides those wonderful events, there were other attractions and vendors there! One was a speedpainter! He used spray cans and created beautiful art, to his music in under 3 minutes! The color scheme was amazing and his imagination was incredible! I'm so glad I got a chance to witness that! Of course, there was also horseracing, the main attraction, livestock, shows, concerts( Fastball, comedians, actors, etc.), and rides, and of course the FOOD( funnel cake, garlic fries, hot dog, ) though I must confess, food there is expensive.... anyway, I encourage anyone who has not gone to a fair to go!! It's so much fun especially when you go with friends or family! You don't want to miss out!

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01 July 2008

San Francisco AIDS Walk

Feeling philanthropic this summer? Not quite sure what to do with your spare time this summer in Berkeley? Well then you should consider the San Francisco AIDS Walk, it's coming up soon, but it's not too late to join. You can join the UC Berkeley team which gives you special advantages, like priority registration etc. The walk is 6 miles around SF and breakfast and lunch are provided. You don't even have to raise a set amount of money either. I've always wanted to do an AIDS walk but most of them require you raise $1000, which is a lot for a college student to pay out of pocket, if you don't meet the goal. So when I heard about this walk I was so excited! Just read below to find out how you can join: 1) Go to aidswalk.net/sanfran 2) Click "register to walk" and "join a team" 3) Select University of California, Berkeley--0087 from the pull-down menu (this important--we want you on the CAL team!)

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