July 30, 2008 10:00 AM

Childhood memories

So, this summer, my second job requires extra energy and patience. As a childcare TA, I look after kids age 4 to 12 at a childcare center. My main job of course is to entertain them and discipline them. I realized that I do most of the discipling but when they do behave and I am playing wallball with them, memories of my childhood come flooding back. I miss it! It's amazing that after 14 years, kids are still playing the games that I used to play- origami, cats cradle, wall ball....but of course, I did see some differences as well- more computer games, gameboys, i mean, where'd the landyard making days go? or when did the exciting treasure hunt games go? Kids seem to be easily bored by these games and are so anxious to do anything- any game that involves computers! Anyway, on the flip side, I also realized that kids are just so cute and innocent...the way they( or we), used to be....., but i guess at that age, they need it and guidance. I mean, when kids fight, I don't try to intervene- that's my philosophy= i really just address the problem and asks the kids how they would like it to be handled and let them talk it out- make sure they know that I won't baby them but let them figure things out themselves. And that's my job and I make sure that's what they learn- how to work together. this summer definitely was not boring! Which reminds me... i need to start thinking about back to school shopping....

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