July 31, 2008 12:45 AM

Giving a tour of UC Berkeley

Today I invited my family to Cal to give them a private tour and get them out of their work. The parking is pretty bad so I tell my parents to park the car in the “permit only” section. Sure they will risk a ticket, but my dad was anxious to get out of the car and eat. Even though the city of Berkeley has tons of unique and exotic restaurants, I still prefer the old fashion Subway across Sproul Plaza. Afterwards, I start to walk up to the Campanile when there is a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I enjoy the fact that Cal has a bunch of restrooms, but it is kind of awkward when notes on the stalls read that “40,000 animals are killed each year here at Cal.”

I want to show my parents where I will take Chemistry with 500 other students; however my parents are out of breath and decide to cancel the sight. For me the fact of how huge UCB is only realized until I see other people complain of how much they have to walk. Leaving my parents behind, I show my little brother the Museum of Anthropology. To my surprise he actually finds the Egyptian artifacts interesting. As we leave the building, I take a wrong turn trying to chase my brother down and find myself in a secluded area covered in trees and near a creek. It still amazes me that even in a school of countless thousands one can always find a tranquil place to study or in my case sleep.

Back with my parents, I convince them to go up to the viewing deck of Sather Tower. The skies are clear so you can see the whole entire Bay and the great part is that with your cal card it is free. The only drawback is the metal bars which prevent one from getting the full experience, but then again the university can’t handle more suicides. Back on solid ground, I want to take my family to the store and have them buy Cal stuff, in order to represent, however my parents are in a hurry and have to leave for San Francisco for an appointment. Although I enjoy showing the campus to my parents, the best part of the tour was when my little brother, who is 9, tells me that “Cal is awesome and I want to come and live here with you.”

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