July 22, 2008 7:57 PM

OC Fair

Hey! I haven't posted for a while...I've actually been busy volunteering at a Neuroscience Lab at the Research Institute of the Children's Hospital of Orange County. I haven't really done much. It's mostly just shadowing this lab technician guy and this other scientist.

So, enough about work. Summer's for fun! About one and a half weeks ago, I went to the Orange County fair with a few friends. The fair goes on til August 3rd, so go if you want! It only costs $2 to get in, but you have to buy tickets to go on the rides...each ride is about $4...so it's not really worth it for the rides. I'm really scared of heights, so roller coasters totally freak me

out. I always scream my head off and close my eyes whenever I go on roller coasters. My friends and I went for the One Republic concert that was held there that night. It was absolutely amazing! I think there are other concerts at the fair, so go check it out if you're interested! It's a pretty good place to hang out even if you're not into roller coasters.

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