July 26, 2008 3:46 AM

Planning...yet again...

It's almost 4 am right now...I've been up trying to plan out which classes to take this upcoming semester and the semesters to come. The online schedule of classes is always down from 2 am to 4 am...so I'm waiting to check whether the class I want to take is still available.

Telebears Phase II should be coming up for most people. There was a glitch in the Telebears system a few days ago. I'm not sure if they fixed it or not, but apparently, people's Telebears Phase II appointments have been changed to about 10 days earlier than their original scheduled time. Check to see if your time has changed! I hope everyone gets into the classes he or she

wants! Also, don't be afraid to put yourself on the waitlist. Even if you're number 45 on the waitlist, there's still a chance. I remember for my first semester at Cal, I was number forty something on the waitlist for two classes, but I still got into both.

Whenever I'm interested in a class or I can't decide which professor to take, I always go to these websites:



Not all professors will be listed and comments may be biased. If you've ever taken a statistics class, you'll know that only the people with stong opinions and feelings leave feedback and comments, so don't refrain from taking a class just because one student said he or she failed the class.

Also, another great website to visit while you're planning your schedule is:


The website is almost exactly like Cal's online schedule, but better. You get to add classes to this time table so you can see how your week looks.

Hmm...just checked the online schedule. The class I want to take still has space!! Too bad Telebears won't let me add my class right now. I have to wait til noon, most unfortunately...

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