July 13, 2008 5:33 PM

The GREAT Excitement

What excitement! This summer, I've committed to volunteering at the hospital in the pharmacy department, as I am interested in becoming a pharmacist. Usual duties that I do: package drugs, check for expiration dates. It's simple, relaxing.It is great! So, last tuesday, while I was packaging drugs, a pharmaist, jane, runs towards me and says, "Casey , right?!" and I am like, "yes, did you need something?" It turns out, she needed me to run to the OR room to deliver a drug because the previous one she sent down was the wrong one!!!! ( the medication contained alcohol, which, for a patient in surgery recovery, i guess, it might be bad?) AND, being new, I had no idea where the OR room was, and the badge that was required for special access to the OR room wasn't working!

So, I confidently reassured her that i'd get the drug delivered and after a few minutes trying to get the elevator working( I was supposed to go down, but i guess i went on the elevator that was going up.......) I walked into the room and said, " Please send this to OR 8," and forgetting to say that it was urgent, all I heard the nurses saying to each other were ," You do it, no, you send it...." OOPS, i forgot to say that it was urgent. ANyway, the patient was fine and the drug was delivered on time! I mean, if it was really severe, Jane would've gone down herself I guess... that day, I had an up close witnessing of what a pharmacitst's job was really like. Really, most of the time, when you shadow someone or interview someone about a profession you're interested in, it's usually the typical duties and a few stories. But, actually witnessing something and being there in the live action makes it very tangible. After that day, I've solidified my desire to become a pharmacist..but we'll see..... haha!

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