July 26, 2008 10:44 PM

to do list

so i don't foget, here are some things i've got to do before summer ends

-run up my favorite home trails before I'm back in the city
-buy a backpack with functional zippers (sweet!)
-read more books
-backpacking trip
-finish making a t shirt quilt
-Buy my backpack
-TELEBEARS! Figure out my schedule dangit!
-look into research (attention!! if you're looking for research to, search URAP (undergrad research apprentice program) and you'll find lots of juicy projects. CNR also has SPUR, a great research program! Im sure you can find more info on the CNR website)
-do some sewing

I have quite a bit of sewing to do actually. my cousin who lives in san francisco just had her second baby 1 or 2 months ago, and her first baby was born maybe 2 years ago. i remember giving her a blanket, and my aunt told me that she keeps it with her all the time. also, if you'd noticed, i have a "t shirt quilt" to make. i have probably 30 t shirts from high school cross country, track, link, volunteering, that are pretty important to me but i will probably never wear. so i decided to make a quilt out of it, with fleece on one side and my t shirt logos on the other side. maybe i'll post a picture when i'm done! I shall keep you updated, my trusty blog :)

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