July 23, 2008 4:17 PM

UC System Eyes Admission Changes

Even though we have already gone through the grueling college admission process, I guess it is always interesting to see where is direction is heading to.

In the Chronicle of Education and multiple newspapers last week:

“The University of California is moving toward a major revision in its admissions policy that would de-emphasize test scores and give the system’s nine undergraduate campuses greater flexibility in choosing their freshman classes.

The plan, which was discussed on Wednesday at a meeting of the system’s Board of Regents, would be the biggest change in how the university evaluates prospective students in at least a decade. It was proposed last month by faculty leaders who argue that the system’s strict eligibility formula disqualifies deserving students, especially those from low-income and minority backgrounds.”

Here is the link to the story in the AP State News.


For sure there are going to be lots of controversy to follow.

For instance, even though this proposal sounds good as it may improve the admission system to make it fairer for everyone (especially those from the disadvantaged backgrounds), what about the issues of overpopulation and congestion?

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