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A few weeks ago, I made a checklist and updated it on this site. now, i can check off a few of the things i wanted to do!
now i can proudly check of a few...

[ ]go backpacking
[ ]travel travel travel
[x]cook lots of new foods
[ ]go camping
[x] go swimming
[x] participate in a triathlon
[x]read a book at least every 2 weeks

1) Over this past week, i've been doing quite a bit of baking... so far i've baked: brownies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, and oatmeal raison cookies. I pretty much went on a baking frenzy (i was surprised my mom didn't evict me from the kitchen by now)
2)my mom and I enrolled at the YMCA in our area, and ever since then my mom has been going there pretty much every day for around an hour. weird, since she used to never get near water just a few years ago. anyway, i don't go the Y that much anymore cus i normally don't have time (work/school keeps me busy during the day) but luckily i enrolled in a swim class at my local community college and i've been enjoying every minute of it :) and, just like every summer, my skin is progressively darkening. i swear i get a shade tanner every time i go swimming.
3) i've been doing a lot of reading these past few weeks, mostly becuase of my summer english class (so i can get r1b out of the way). our topic is detective stories. so far, we've read Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles, The Murders of the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe (supposedly the first ever detective story), some agatha christie, raymond chandler, and dashiell hammet. up next is a book called "a is for alibi"
4)TRIATHLON!! (i was so excited for this, it's the main reason i decided to post todaY). yeah, i competed in my first triathlon ever today! so here was my schedule

4:30 wake up, change, prepare food, sunblock, swimsuit, other necessities for the race
5:00 picked up by my good friend from high school and her friend from college
6:30: arive at shadow cliffs in pleasonton for TRI FOR FUN #2
6:45: park our bikes, listen to tri for "noobs" talk
7:00: first heat starts
7:20: my heat starts
races end, raffle drawing, go home by 12

Before the race, we all had to sign waivers, get our bibs, and get our numbers markered on is. THE NUMBER MARKING WAS EXCITING. There’s something really epic about getting your first ever triathlon number. Mine was 2170. the maker people made me roll up my sleeve and show them my leg, and then they wrote my number with red marker and i remember it being really tickly feeling and I remember wanting to laugh. After that, we had a pre-race pep talk for the first timers and then we took a bathroom break, stripped down, and before I knew it, it was time to head over to the water.

now i was semi nervous about the race, but at the same time i was doing the race just for fun, just to try it out so there was really no pressure at all. but i was still scared of things like drowning in the water, going into shock, etc. etc. (the lady who gave us a talk called these "irrational fears" because they were so unlikely to happen). i remember having to buy a neon green swim cap last minute, stripping down into my swimsuit, and sprinting off to the start of the swim because i thought my heat was going to take off without me! They almost did, but luckily there were so many people in my age group that they split it up into two heats and I got to swim the latter. So luckily I didn’t miss it.
Stepping into the water was more pleasant (temperature wise) than i had expected, but i was surprised at how strange it felt. i was stepping on something slimy and muddy, which enveloped my legs up to my knee. i couldn't wait till the start so i didn't have to step on it anymore. the water was pretty murky during the swim, and i could barely see a thing unless i propped my head above water. i tried my best to avoid the other swimmers, but there were way too many people kicking me and getting kicked by me. but eventually i was able to zig zag my way through the crowd and made it to the end of the 400 m swim in around 9 minutes (which I think is a really slow time? I wouldn’t know.)
BIKE: transition to the bike was quite funny actually. I’ve never seen a triathlon transition before this, and it was funny to see everyone dwaddle over to their bikes all wet and drippy. Our bikes were all parked at this sandy area next to the lake. There were so many bikes that my friends and I had to park them by the gates. I remember rushing to put on my shoes and throw my clothes on top of my swimsuit so I could bike, then I stood up and realized I put on my shoes and wasn’t wearing my shorts. So then I had to put the shorts on around my shoes, which was more difficult. Anyway, the ride itself was gorgeous. It was an 11 mile stretch down a few long roads in the area. On the way, we passed a few construction sites before we hit the gorgeous view of the hills. For a good mile or so, we were cruising by the vineyards and looking to the side, we could see hills and hills of green. This part was kinda relaxing actually, and took the longest time of the race. After a good 40 minutes though, I was ready for it to end…and luckily we turned a corner and it was time to start the
Getting of the bike and transitioning to running is equivalent to replacing your legs with jello. Everything felt wobbly. It was kinda weird though, as soon as I got of the bike I instantly settled into a pace. I didn’t even have to think about it. The pace wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t terribly slow. It was like my legs were on autopilot. My quads still felt stiff, but after a few minutes I broke out of it and was running a little more loosely. Out of the three events, running is probably my strongest. I remember zig-zagging through the hills, and the hot hot sun and how incredibly bright it was. I wasn’t going all out, so I was able to enjoy the run for the run, not for the race. Before I knew it, I was approaching the last 200 meters and thinking, what the heck I’ll just sprint this last part, so I used up the rest of my energy and bolted towards the finish. It reminded me of cross country a bit, except with men and women and boys and girls and granpas and grandmas by my side. After I finished, I remember grabbing a cold bottle of something called “joint juice” from the sidelines which I guess does not sound so appealing in retrospect, but I was so gosh darn thirsty and the bottle was nice and cool. Then, I jogged over and cheered on my friends to the finish. I had that after-exercise feeling when I was just happy. Really, really, really happy. Like the only type of happy I get after running a good race at crystal springs, or I guess just any race in general. I hadn’t felt that way in such a long time, and it was absolutely refreshing. Thank you, endorphins.
Hopefully I shall do one again.

i forgot my camera on the race day, and to this day i'm still kicking myself!
here's some uploaded pix from online without permission from this website:





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