30 August 2008

Why Berkeley made me lose my pants

Ever since I have arrived here my eating habits have become out of whack and plain unhealthy. I love living in Unit 3 because it is so close and very social, however, our residential dinning does not offer breakfast. So what do most of us college kids do? Simple, just skip breakfast. I know this is bad but the excitement and nervousness of college kind of overrides your hunger. For lunch, today, I had a strawberry shortcake ice-cream and a V8 juice (100% juice). I love how the Bear Market is really convenient, but seriously …. the prices make you want to cry. I remember that I bought cereal, soy milk, energy bar, chips and a fruit/cheese plate and the grand total came to little less than $20. Good thing they use meal points and not real cash or I would have gone crazy. And on top of that they didn’t even bag it, they just gave me the bag and told me bag it myself. This awkward eating cycle has caused me to lose quite a bit of weight so whenever I walk I have to pull up my pants or they will fall, but who knows the freshman 15 could pounce at anytime.

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27 August 2008

Where to get your textbooks?

If you have attended the first class meeting, you will have the book list. Otherwise, you can actually acquire the booklist for most of your classes from www.calstudentstore.com by clicking on "Find your textbook and course materials". This is the website for the student store on campus. You may also want to check out http://www.nedsbooks.com/ucb/ (a bookstore right across from campus) since the books there are often cheaper. In most cases, both bookstores have new and used textbooks and it’s truly up to you. If you want great deals, here are several alternatives: 1. Comegetused.com: You arrange to buy books from other students who have taken the same courses. The buyer and seller arrange meeting time and place to complete the transaction. 2. Facebook Marketplace: Very similar to comegetused.com. The buyer and seller arrange meeting time and place to complete the transaction. 3. Amazon.com: you get a discount for most of the books and if you shop over $25, shipping will be free. You may also check out the copies listed by Amazon Marketplace sellers. Some of them can be very cheap. 4. Half.com: You may find international editions from sellers. In general, international editions are exactly the same as U.S. editions content-wise, but with different ISBNs and covers. Let’s try to spend less and good luck!

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27 August 2008

Mol Tox - Society of Toxicology

Have you ever checked out http://www.toxicology.org? If not, you should. Head to the site and see what your Molecular Toxicology major can give you. It explains more about our awesome major (so that you can clearly explain to other people what you learn). In general, there are six types of toxicologists: clinical, environmental, forensic, industrial, mechanistic, and regulatory. The CNR Mol Tox people are generally more environmental and clinical.

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27 August 2008

First Day of Class

Another semester of Cal has started. When I looked at my schedule yesterday, I got pretty depressed. Biology 1B lecture from 8-9 am, Biology Discussion from 9-10, then Bio lab from 10-1 pm. Then, I read the syllabus and noted that Bio discussions and labs didn't start until after September 8th! I was so happy! So I only had one hour of class today. Now, instead of having class, I have all this free time that I don't know what to do with. It's so interesting. When I'm back home in SoCal, I don't really miss Cal at all. When I'm back, however, I remember all things I miss: the Campanile bells, CNR, and just the whole atmosphere of the Berkeley campus. For some odd reason, just being on the campus makes me feel more studious. Sitting in Bio lecture this morning, I felt like I was ready for another semester of school.

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27 August 2008

Transitioning Back

Anyways, these couple of days back at Berkeley have felt like I never left it. I moved back in with my old roommates, I hung out with my old friends... same old same old stuff. Yet, I'm dreading the weeks to come as I find out about more and more things that my roommates/friends experienced while I wasn't there. As a non-huge e-mailer, I rely more on AIM/GTalk for contacting people. the difference in timezone meant that when I was available to talk to people, the people here were either sleeping or in class. In conclusion... I'm excited to be back, but dreading feeling left out of their lives. I did skip out on them for a year though. Wish me the best!

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26 August 2008

Lake Tahoe

So if you've been reading my posts, you'll know that I've been volunteering at a Neuroscience Lab. I did that for about five weeks, but the last week before I went back to Berkeley, my family and I went camping in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is about three hours northeast of Berkeley. It's on the border between California and Nevada. It was really awesome up there! This camping trip totally made me feel satisfied about my summer. It was just really relaxing and it felt nice just spending time with my family.

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25 August 2008

put that pop tart back, you already took like eight

For those of you who don't know, Caltopia is recognized as, "the largest experiential College Lifestyle Festival in the nation." In this two day event at the RSF, there are tons of booths for different companies. everything from local restaurants and yogurt shops to bank of america. pretty much all the companies are putting on their best efforts at advertising and a lot of them give away free stuff to the people that stop by. so, it's pretty much a win-win situation! this year, i scored whole foods bag, lots of granola bar samples, vitamins,pirate's booty, a fan, notebook, frisbee, and lots of other stuff. although a lot of these prizes aren't too valuable, i did score some ipod speakers. by far the best free thing i've gotten so far.

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25 August 2008

Greek Carnival

Stop by the greek carnival this evening if you are even maybe just a little bit about thinking about going through recruitment this year. This is a great time to meet active members in all of the houses as well as other women who are thinking about going through recruitment. The Greek Carnival is an event where Cal fraternity and sorority chapters each host a carnival-style booth and interact with students interested in participating in recruitment. There will be free food, a DJ, inflatable jousting and other fun activities going on throughout the night. Come on out and meet members of the CalGreeks community! The event will be at Lower Sproul Plaza and will start at 10:30pm and go as late as 2:00am. I'll be at the milk toss from 10:30-11:00 if you want to stop by. 10:30-2:00 am

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23 August 2008

in case you haven't been keeping up...

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20 August 2008

Santa Barbara

So, the week before school started, I decided to take a "road trip" down to Santa Barbara, Goleta specifically, to visit a friend. It definitely was a great vacation that I hope to take again! Taking the bus down, I counted about 15 cities that I passed to get to my destination. 5 hours of sitting down finally ended and I took my first step off to sunny southern california. Right off the train, I fell in love with SoCal. The weather was spectacular! I love how warm the climate is all year round! The palm trees are beautiful and night life is so exciting! I mean, at 9 pm, there will be people crowding around clubs already?! Another plus, was that the beach was 2 minutes away! I could hear the waves from my friend's apartment and could not wait to jump in the waters! Boy was it an adventure! In order to get to the other side of the sand, there were these rocks that jutted out, dividing the sand. So, never having gone climbing except on those blow up machine- rock climbing- games, I was scared! I mean, one slip off a rock could leave you plunging into the water. Anyway, it took 30 minutes to get to the other side and finally, I was on the warm sand, safe and unscathed, thankfully. What's interesting to note is that the beaches here are very special. If you lift your feet up, you'll notice a bunch of black stuff stuck to your feet. That, yes, surprise! is tar! It is due to the oil spoil that happened in 1969. Look! I seem to learn something new everyday! Anyway, It ended up taking twenty minutes of hard baby oil rubbing skills to get all that off. It was worth it though! Every minute in SoCal was wonderful. And now, of course, with no regrets for these three months in summer, I am somewhat ready to go back to school......

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20 August 2008

Yay financial aid !

But noooo to money responsibilities >.< It's one of those day when I get a huge lump of money in one day. It's tempting to use it to buy stuff I don't really need (eg another tennis racket). I have to allocate my money properly each month, if not I'll be broke before semester ends (that'll be so horrible to have no cash for Thanksgiving/Christmas). Good thing I have an online-only HSBC account. It's quite a hassle to withdraw money from it, so once I put money into my savings account I just don't want to get anything from it. It also has the highest interest rate, 3.5% right now. Now I just have to make sure I don't "oversave". It makes me wonder though how much I should be saving because some people say to "just spend it, what's the point of working for it if you don't use it?" http://www.us.hsbc.com/1/2/3/personal?home=personal

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16 August 2008

liukin's gold medal win

okay okay so i havent been able to watch as much olympics as i would have liked, but one thing i did get the pleasure to see was nastia lukin's gold medal win in the all-around gymnastics a few days ago. it was a pretty intense rivalry between the americans and chinese, and there was even a pretty dramatic discrepancy in the scores that the judges gave liukin and the chinese. i enjoy watching a lot of the olympic sports, but gymnastics never ceases to amaze me. check out nastia's uneven bars routine: also check out shawn johnson's floor routine. its pretty crazy, and this is not even the final

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16 August 2008

Watching Live - a little break before school, again

(warning -- Tennis Olympics spoilers) So I went to sleep at 1:15am and set my alarm to 3:00am. More like a nap. All this for Olympics tennis! Watching Djokovic and Blake right now fight over the Bronze medal. This is unusual for both because rarely in tennis players try to win for a consolation prize. Both have lost their semi's match against Nadal and Gonzales respectively. For the Gold and Silver medals, Rafa Nadal of Spain goes against Fernando Gonzales of Chile. As far as tennis Olympics go, it's been rare for top 5 players to win Gold. It might be an exception for Nadal this time. Having beaten Federer in his homecourt (Wimbledon) and stealing away his #1 ranking in two days, can Nadal ... ----CUT--- (something happening with Venus and Serena Williams' doubles match)

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12 August 2008

Summer 08 Finals

Sigh... Can't seem to concentrate during this summer semester :( I wanted to keep myself busy this summer (which did happen), but having to worry about grades is no fun! Poli Sci 3 and Stats 21 have been interesting and fun, but I had this mindset that I should be having fun--so I didn't really focus studying. I like taking classes and I don't mind doing the schoolwork, but grades.... tsk tsk But I guess I'm just having time management issues again. Anyhow, I gotta get studying and get over with Stats 21 so I can start memorizing Hiragana for my soon-to-be Japanese1A class =D

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09 August 2008


The Olympics have begun. As all Olympics, its a conflicted one. There's been criticism on the Tibet issue and whether or not Pres Bush should even be there. Anyways. Go Americans!!! Yay!! and er.. Go Chinese Taipei!! okily. ^^ heh. Enjoy your last days of summer everyone.

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07 August 2008

Another "complaining" post on Tele-BEARS

I just had my Tele-BEARS appointment a few days ago, though I am a rising Junior! As I expected, the classes I wanted to sign up were full, and so was the wait list for one of them! It seems to me that scheduling becomes more and more of a problem as I go along in the years. I guess a lot of that is definitely the budget cut’s fault. No matter whose fault it is, competition for class seats will become tougher and tougher, and your schedule will become harder and harder to plan. In case you are wondering how your Tele-BEARS appointment times are assigned, here it is: For Fall 1st: athletes and DSP students 2nd: graduating seniors 3rd: seniors 4th: juniors and incoming students (fall-admitted freshman transfers) 5th: sophomores For Spring: 1st: athletes and DSP students 2nd: graduating seniors 3rd: seniors 4th: juniors and incoming students (spring-admitted freshman transfers) 5th: sophomores 6th: fall-admitted freshman So I guess the lesson is that not everything will go according to the plan! Keep in mind that some classes are semester-specific, ex. only offered during fall semesters, so be sure to factor into your class scheduling plans too. Good luck! Scheduling is definitely part of the Cal experience!

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07 August 2008

telebears, you are the death of me,

i feel like its just getting harder and harder to find your spot in the classes that you need. scheduling at berkeley is like stuffing 100 people in a room and telling them they all must be seated in order to graduate college. some of the seats are the mighty fine lazy boy sofas, some are the sturdy wooden kind, and some have broken legs. some have gum on the sides, some smell fart, and some are just darnright crappy. so techinically you can grab any of the seats, but the coveted ones are always taken by the other schmucks who want to pamper their bottoms as well. okay well thats a bit of an exaggeration, but it gets my point across. i tried signing up for so many classes these past few days, and MAN it is difficult. the physics class wont let me sign up, the korean class i want has only unfavorable time slots, and just when i have hope that i can get into my math class, i find out that all the sections are full. what a doozy. oh well, i guess i'll just have to resort to "camping overnight"; waiting until classes to start, sitting in, and hopefully swooping in and taking a spot from somone that drops.

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06 August 2008

Telebears?! More like Teletubbies --> annoying!

(No offense to actual Teletubbies fans, and I'm not really annoyed by telebears--system works fine, it's just that classes are filled up!) Arghhhh!!! All four classes I want to take next school year are wait-listed! Hopefully I can work my way through it. Are you having your own problems getting into classes? Here are some personal advice.

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05 August 2008

What to say to a roomie-to-be?

So I guess the real questions are: What kind of things should intro messages to new roommate(s) include? And what should be avoided? Is it better to state preferences right up front, even though these may not be well received? Here is my $0.02. In a very first message, I would just do a “hello” type thing, like “Hi, new roomie! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to meet you!” I think it would be best to start off by getting to know each other, trying to find common interest and forming a friendly friendship. I would not start rambling off preferences as it could provoke defensiveness and animosity right off the bat. Once we’re a little more comfortable with talking to each other, I’d start bringing up some real business, like how to split between the expenses of dorm furniture (microwave oven and fridge for the most part). As to the room preference, I would wait till we move in, because during Welcome Week, roommates will be expected to discuss and then fill out a roommate contract thing. And that’s probably the best time to sit down, go over the logistics and work out the details. However, for now, it doesn’t hurt to chat a bit to get a general feeling. For example, people can take turns to ask and answer roomie type question like: what is your typical neat/messy? what is your living pattern? Starting out openly is a very good way to begin, but one has to take it gradually. And don’t be frustrated if your roommate(s) take a long time to respond. A lot of people are going on vacation around this time, and sometimes people are just unable to access the school email. Good luck!

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03 August 2008

Rounding Down

I'm back in the USA. ::hugs the ground:: After Japan, I went to Taiwan where I taught English to aborigine kids. Common Q: Aren't aborigines in Australia? Answer: Well.... yes... and .. no. aborigines is the word for people who were the original people living in an area. Thus, the aborigines in the USA are native americans. So Taiwanese aborigines are of Polynesian decent. They're related to Filipinos and Hawaiians. The vast majority (85% of the total pop) of ethnic Chinese Han people in Taiwan moved to Taiwan 300-400 years ago. (Whoh! We established the USA in less than that amount of time!). "Taiwanese" usually refers to this group of people. "Mainlanders," when used in the context of Taiwan, normally refers to the group of people that Chiang Kai Shek/Republic of China, brought over about 50 years ago in the fight between Commies and Nationalists in China. Anyways, the aborigines have been a pretty oppressed group of people. Aside from intermarriage with the Taiwanese, they were also actively killed off (genocide) when the Japanese took over Taiwan. Working with the aborigine children was quite a different experience than working with the Taiwanese children. (Taught one week with Taiwanese and one week with the aborigine). The aborigine children are so much more innocent...like the Taiwanese kids use to be about 5 years ago. They're also less educated and have a lesser tech knowledge. It's... very different.

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