August 27, 2008 9:33 AM

First Day of Class

Another semester of Cal has started. When I looked at my schedule yesterday, I got pretty depressed. Biology 1B lecture from 8-9 am, Biology Discussion from 9-10, then Bio lab from 10-1 pm. Then, I read the syllabus and noted that Bio discussions and labs didn't start until after September 8th! I was so happy! So I only had one hour of class today. Now, instead of having class, I have all this free time that I don't know what to do with.

It's so interesting. When I'm back home in SoCal, I don't really miss Cal at all. When I'm back, however, I remember all things I miss: the Campanile bells, CNR, and just the whole atmosphere of the Berkeley campus. For some odd reason, just being on the campus makes me feel more studious. Sitting in Bio lecture this morning, I felt like I was ready for another semester of school.

I've really missed CNR. It is honestly the best college here at Cal. Where else can you talk to your advisor by just walking in the door? Not in L & S, that's for sure. Has anyone else ever noticed that CNR has the best food at its events? I especially love the CNR movie nights. Which other college would host movie nights? Can you imagine L & S trying to host a movie night? Where would they hold it? I'm not trying to put down L & S; I'm just trying to tell you how awesome CNR is compared to L & S.

Another thing about being back on campus is that my eating habits have reverted back to their horrible ways: half a bag of Costco-sized tortilla chips, 2 cups of frozen yogurt, 2 slices of bread with a heaping spread of creamed cheese, a bunch of cereal...the list goes on. Back home, it's just easier for me to eat healthy, especially on the camping trip I mentioned in my previous post. I eat when there's nothing else to do and when I'm bored. Food is just so awesome! Why does it have to taste so good?!

Anyways, before you guys die of boredom reading this long post, I'm going to wish you guys the best of luck with your classes. Good luck and GO BEARS!!!

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