August 27, 2008 9:56 PM

Mol Tox - Society of Toxicology

Have you ever checked out If not, you should. Head to the site and see what your Molecular Toxicology major can give you. It explains more about our awesome major (so that you can clearly explain to other people what you learn).

In general, there are six types of toxicologists: clinical, environmental, forensic, industrial, mechanistic, and regulatory. The CNR Mol Tox people are generally more environmental and clinical.

Becoming a toxicologist does not end after you get your B.S. in Toxicology. Did you know that you can not truly be called a toxicologist until you get a Masters or a Doctoral degree in Toxicology? I was slightly shocked and saddened. Though, that makes me wonder if that's true across all the fields.

Anyways, using the site, you can find out about graduate education and summer research opportunities. Use the site. You may also be able to join the Society of Toxicology for free as a student. Try it out.

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