August 25, 2008 6:24 PM

put that pop tart back, you already took like eight

For those of you who don't know, Caltopia is recognized as, "the largest experiential College Lifestyle Festival in the nation." In this two day event at the RSF, there are tons of booths for different companies. everything from local restaurants and yogurt shops to bank of america. pretty much all the companies are putting on their best efforts at advertising and a lot of them give away free stuff to the people that stop by. so, it's pretty much a win-win situation! this year, i scored whole foods bag, lots of granola bar samples, vitamins,pirate's booty, a fan, notebook, frisbee, and lots of other stuff. although a lot of these prizes aren't too valuable, i did score some ipod speakers. by far the best free thing i've gotten so far.

one thing i really don't like is the certain tension that exists between the passer-byers and the booth people. the people who man the booths are obviously trying to reel you into buying their product/food/service while 99% of the time, the passer byers are just trying to get their hands on some free goods. sometimes, things get ugly. i was at the pirate's booty/ caldining station and a friend that i was with was given 2 pop tarts by someone running the booth. so, i grabbed two pop tarts and this girl who was working at the booth appears out of nowhere and snatches them out of my hand. "PUT THAT BACK. YOU ALREADY TOOK LIKE EIGHT" she says. yes, she snatched them out of my hands. more than anything, i was shocked at her blatant rudeness, so all i could say was "i didn't take any besides those ones i was holding." apparently she thought my friend had taken more than 2, and that what... we were pocketing to sell for our own profit in the black market? To a certain extent, i can understand where she is coming from. I'm sure there have been a lot of people hungry for free stuff throughout the day, and watching people take handfuls of stuff does not exactly give a flattering impression of the caltopia-dazed public. But I was really shocked at how rudely I was treated, and think that the girl should have thought a little harder about the propriety of her actions before carrying out with them.
the end.

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