August 3, 2008 10:47 PM

Rounding Down

I'm back in the USA. ::hugs the ground::
After Japan, I went to Taiwan where I taught English to aborigine kids.
Common Q: Aren't aborigines in Australia?
Answer: Well.... yes... and .. no. aborigines is the word for people who were the original people living in an area. Thus, the aborigines in the USA are native americans.

So Taiwanese aborigines are of Polynesian decent. They're related to Filipinos and Hawaiians.

The vast majority (85% of the total pop) of ethnic Chinese Han people in Taiwan moved to Taiwan 300-400 years ago. (Whoh! We established the USA in less than that amount of time!). "Taiwanese" usually refers to this group of people. "Mainlanders," when used in the context of Taiwan, normally refers to the group of people that Chiang Kai Shek/Republic of China, brought over about 50 years ago in the fight between Commies and Nationalists in China.

Anyways, the aborigines have been a pretty oppressed group of people. Aside from intermarriage with the Taiwanese, they were also actively killed off (genocide) when the Japanese took over Taiwan. Working with the aborigine children was quite a different experience than working with the Taiwanese children. (Taught one week with Taiwanese and one week with the aborigine). The aborigine children are so much more the Taiwanese kids use to be about 5 years ago. They're also less educated and have a lesser tech knowledge. It's... very different.

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