August 20, 2008 2:56 PM

Santa Barbara

So, the week before school started, I decided to take a "road trip" down to Santa Barbara, Goleta specifically, to visit a friend. It definitely was a great vacation that I hope to take again! Taking the bus down, I counted about 15 cities that I passed to get to my destination. 5 hours of sitting down finally ended and I took my first step off to sunny southern california. Right off the train, I fell in love with SoCal. The weather was spectacular! I love how warm the climate is all year round! The palm trees are beautiful and night life is so exciting! I mean, at 9 pm, there will be people crowding around clubs already?! Another plus, was that the beach was 2 minutes away! I could hear the waves from my friend's apartment and could not wait to jump in the waters! Boy was it an adventure! In order to get to the other side of the sand, there were these rocks that jutted out, dividing the sand. So, never having gone climbing except on those blow up machine- rock climbing- games, I was scared! I mean, one slip off a rock could leave you plunging into the water. Anyway, it took 30 minutes to get to the other side and finally, I was on the warm sand, safe and unscathed, thankfully. What's interesting to note is that the beaches here are very special. If you lift your feet up, you'll notice a bunch of black stuff stuck to your feet. That, yes, surprise! is tar! It is due to the oil spoil that happened in 1969. Look! I seem to learn something new everyday! Anyway, It ended up taking twenty minutes of hard baby oil rubbing skills to get all that off. It was worth it though! Every minute in SoCal was wonderful. And now, of course, with no regrets for these three months in summer, I am somewhat ready to go back to school......

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