August 6, 2008 9:21 PM

Telebears?! More like Teletubbies --> annoying!

(No offense to actual Teletubbies fans, and I'm not really annoyed by telebears--system works fine, it's just that classes are filled up!)

Arghhhh!!! All four classes I want to take next school year are wait-listed! Hopefully I can work my way through it.

Are you having your own problems getting into classes?
Here are some personal advice.

I REALLLLY WANT THIS CLASS!!! But it's full. All 278 seats taken, and 58 wait-list. What should I do?! Sign-up or look for another class?

There are several things to look for when a class is full ~ but really it's all about your judgement whether you'll have a good chance to get a class. But here's how I do it.

(Assuming the class wait-list is processed automatically)
1) Check the number of total seats. In our example, 278 seats seems like an medium-sized lecture hall.
2) Definitely some people will drop. Take about 5% of that number, usually if you are within that range you'll have good chances to get that class. 5% of 278 is 14. You should be confident at ~14th wait-list.

Oh but wait! There's discussion section! (Now here's the time you can cut through that super long wait-list) So don't sign up for a section that has 13 wait-list when other sections have none! Your discussion wait-list is all that matters now!

3) Look at all discussion sections and find out which one has the least wait-list (this is different from lecture wait-list)
4) It's either the time slot is your best preference, just bearable, or has time conflict with your other classes.

From this point it's your choice ~

In my case if I really need a class, I sign up for one that has the least wait-list even if it's an 8am class and has time conflict. Usually GSIs have more than one section and they don't care which one you attend. They also allow you to switch to other section if you find a person to switch with.

With that said ~ good luck with teletubbies! Errr, telebears.

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