August 16, 2008 3:47 AM

Watching Live - a little break before school, again

(warning -- Tennis Olympics spoilers)

So I went to sleep at 1:15am and set my alarm to 3:00am.

More like a nap.

All this for Olympics tennis! Watching Djokovic and Blake right now fight over the Bronze medal. This is unusual for both because rarely in tennis players try to win for a consolation prize. Both have lost their semi's match against Nadal and Gonzales respectively.

For the Gold and Silver medals, Rafa Nadal of Spain goes against Fernando Gonzales of Chile. As far as tennis Olympics go, it's been rare for top 5 players to win Gold. It might be an exception for Nadal this time. Having beaten Federer in his homecourt (Wimbledon) and stealing away his #1 ranking in two days, can Nadal ...

----CUT--- (something happening with Venus and Serena Williams' doubles match)

AND ANOTHER GOLD FOR THE WILLIAMS SISTERS! I thought they might not have made it after losing the first set, but after that they just owned.

And for my most anticipated match, Federer's double match. Though he is not well known as a doubles player, it would be interesting if he does win the Gold medal. It's been a big downfall for him this year, but winning this match would be quite a surprise. Maybe he can take over the double's world 0.o

Now back to watching ~ gonna be tough watching two games at a time. But woot! Better than nothing!

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