August 30, 2008 2:07 AM

Why Berkeley made me lose my pants

Ever since I have arrived here my eating habits have become out of whack and plain unhealthy. I love living in Unit 3 because it is so close and very social, however, our residential dinning does not offer breakfast. So what do most of us college kids do? Simple, just skip breakfast. I know this is bad but the excitement and nervousness of college kind of overrides your hunger. For lunch, today, I had a strawberry shortcake ice-cream and a V8 juice (100% juice). I love how the Bear Market is really convenient, but seriously …. the prices make you want to cry. I remember that I bought cereal, soy milk, energy bar, chips and a fruit/cheese plate and the grand total came to little less than $20. Good thing they use meal points and not real cash or I would have gone crazy. And on top of that they didn’t even bag it, they just gave me the bag and told me bag it myself. This awkward eating cycle has caused me to lose quite a bit of weight so whenever I walk I have to pull up my pants or they will fall, but who knows the freshman 15 could pounce at anytime.

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Comments (1)

Relax: try not to stress out, easier said than done. But if you plan accordingly and study efficiently, you shopuld be fine! Don't be crazy and study 24/7 We aren't robots and hence we need sleep. Sleep is an important factor in memory and learning, so make sure you get lots of it!

Posted by Markus | 2008-09-07

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