September 18, 2008 10:25 PM

3 day weekends

More time to study?
More time to waste?

So as I mentioned in my last blog, I dropped one of my classes. As a result my Mondays are completely blank. 3 day weekends, yay? My friends are quite jealous about it, but I somewhat dread about it.

As for a commuter this is great, that's $5.70 right there plus the food I would spend on campus. However, I never find myself doing anything productive during my extra day. It's always been that time management issue I am having difficulties with--probably harder to get over with than any class, but also the most important. I believe so because if we master our time management skills, everything else will get easier. But if we finish a class, it doesn't necessarily mean our future classes are going to be easier. In my personal perspective, the biggest thing we can learn from college is not what's on the lecture slides, but rather personal and social skills; personal skills such as time and stress management and social skills such as networking, group work, etc.

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