September 18, 2008 10:48 PM

Can't sleep... friggin car alarm!!

It's been a few months since this car in front of my apartment keeps alarming 66% of the time a train passes by. My bro and I already complained to the manager and I suppose she told the owner about it. Several more weeks later, nothing happened; car alarm still goes off around 2am and 6am. I've been finding myself very sleepy even with 8hrs of sleep.

Yesterday we filed another complaint, but that night the alarm went off again at 2:47am and 6+am. Tonight, 30 minutes ago from the time of this posting, we finally saw the owner. We introduced ourselves nicely and told about his car's sensitive alarm. I think the owner was either drunk or has very bad social skills (possibly both). I'm assuming he just doesn't care at all.

It was very disheartening. Usually people are considerate especially when asked nicely for something easy to do yet very beneficial. Tonight was not the case. I'm going to bed now and hope for the best. Worst is I get really frustrated and break something...

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