September 11, 2008 5:12 PM

MCB 32/ 32L

In case you were wondering, for motox and nutri -sci majors, MCB 32 is a requirement for a diploma and a prerequisite to some upper division classes. However, for those in motox, MCB 32L is a requirement as well. However, due to the frustrating budget cut, they don't offer MCB 32L this semester and am not sure when they will get a lab portion( it looks likely though, in the next year, as I have heard- rumors though...). Good solution is that you can take an upper div course that's equivalent, either IB 132/132L( that note, has a prerequisite of IB 131/131L but i'm sure you'd be fine without taking that course) or CPMB 112/112L. So, you're wondering, why am I worried about not fulfilling this tiny lab requirement? I would like to get into pharm school and has a prepharm requirement, the physiology section needs to be filled as 32L or IB 132L. As I am taking 32 right now, dropping it to take IB 132/132L next semester( since it's only offered in the spring)would be futile since I'd be short on minimum number of units. But, as always, I find a solution to my troubles- and that is, taking IB 132L in the summer. Hopefully, this works out. So, just a heads up on what's going on.

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Comments (2)

are you sure you can substitute ib 132l for mcb 32l? i remember i emailed the undergrad advisor if this was possible and i remember she said no. could you email me back about this? my email is thanks! jo

Posted by Josephine | 2008-10-22

I am interested in applying for this program.. what is MCB or IB?

Posted by Natasha | 2008-11-05

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