September 12, 2008 11:43 PM

Midnight Cravings

Like I've said before, college totally changes your eating schedule. You eat when you have time, and in my case, I eat whenever I'm bored. Anyways, right now I'm sitting in my studio and craving vegetable tempura. My roommate and I went to CU Sushi for dinner. I had spicy tuna rolls and vegetable tempura...but yes, I'm still craving vegetable tempura. I'm actually craving the veggie tempura from that one Japanese restaurant in the South Side Asian Ghetto. CU Sushi was ok. They have this 1/2 off menu that's pretty reasonable, but their service isn't the best. My roommate went there for dinner about a week ago with some friends, so she knew that they give you a bowl of edamame as appetizers. Our server didn't give us any, so we asked for some.

She said that it was their policy to give edamame only after 6:00 pm. I looked at my watch. It was 5:45 pm. My roommate and I almost felt like waiting 15 minutes just to get the edamame. We weren't that desperate for free food; we just felt like we were being treated quite rudely. While we were eating our dinner, we saw other people who came in 5 minutes after us getting bowls of edamame. Is it really that hard to just give us those 25 cents worth of soybeans? It would've been a lot more polite, and my roommate and I would've been a lot happier if our server had been more accommodating.

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